Where to find souvenirs

Museum "The city Panorama"

There is a souvenir shop on the first floor of the museum, where you can buy books, guidebooks, handmade gifts in memory of Kazan and Tatarstan, including souvenirs «Visit Tatarstan» with a bright, recognizable design.


The chain of HoroShow stores sell Visit Tatarstan souvenirs, as well as fireworks, sports fan accessories and various party supplies.

4А Vishnevskogo St

Kazan Tourist Information Centre

Visit this centre to find out interesting information about Kazan, book a tour or buy souvenirs at the Visit Tatarstan flagship store — from badges and postcards to umbrellas and sweatshirts.

49 Bauman St

«Solnce Vnutri Kazani»

Handmade gifts and crafts are a great alternative to standard souvenirs. By re-interpreting popular tourist symbols, the identity of national decorative patterns and the beauty of the Tatar language, this store has created an entire line of designer souvenirs. The store’s master ceramist also developed a series of clay products dedicated to Visit Tatarstan which you can buy alongside other popular souvenirs of the brand right here.

«Arysh Mae»

The «Arysh Mae» stores sell alcohol made by Tatarstan producer «Tatspirtprom», as well as national foods and original gifts. Here, you can also find a range of Visit Tatarstan souvenirs available for purchase.

17 Salimzhanova St
  • Museum "The city Panorama"
  • «HoroShow»
    4А Vishnevskogo St
  • Kazan Tourist Information Centre
    49 Bauman St
  • «Solnce Vnutri Kazani»
    82 Bauman St
  • «Arysh Mae»
    17 Salimzhanova St

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